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Exactly How to Replace U Joints: A Step-by-Step Guide

U joints, likewis hondrexile referred to as universal joints, are crucial parts of a lorry’s drivetrain. They enable the smooth transmission of power from the transmission to the wheels, permitting the automobile to progress or backwards. Over time, nonetheless, these joints can break as well as require substitute. In this short article, we will give a detailed overview on just how to replace u joints in your automobile.

1. Collect the Needed Devices and Materials

Before you begin the u joint substitute procedure, ensure you have actually all the required tools as well as materials. These might include:

  • Outlet wrench collection
  • Torque wrench
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • U joint press
  • Replacement u joint
  • Grease
  • Protective handwear covers
  • Safety glasses

Having these devices accessible will certainly make the procedure much smoother as well as efficient.

2. Determine the Troublesome U Joint

Prior to you dive into the substitute process, it is important to recognize which u joint is triggering the concern. Examine the drivetrain and look for indications of wear or damages on the joints. Regular signs of a damaged u joint include clunking sounds while driving, resonances, or difficulty steering. Once you have determined the bothersome joint, mark it for replacement.

3. Increase as well as Secure the Automobile

For security factors, it is necessary to increase and also protect your automobile properly before trying any kind of repairs. Utilize a hydraulic jack to lift the automobile off the ground, and after that alfa power area jack stands under the structure for added security. Ensure that the car is firmly supported prior to continuing.

4. Eliminate the Driveshaft

To access the u joint, you will certainly initially require to remove the driveshaft. Begin by detaching the driveshaft from the transmission by removing any type of bolts or screws. Then, remove it from the rear differential. Keep in mind of the alignment of the driveshaft prior to removing it for simpler reinstallation later.

5. Remove the Caps and also Clips

Next, you’ll require to remove the caps and clips that hold the u joint in position. Utilizing a hammer as well as a punch, meticulously tap out the preserving clips from the joint. Beware not to harm the yoke or the bearing cups while doing this. As soon as the clips are eliminated, you can continue to eliminate the caps from the u joint.

6. Press Out the Old U Joint

To get rid of the old u joint from the driveshaft, you will certainly require a u joint press. Position the press versus the yoke as well as press it out of the driveshaft. Apply constant stress to ensure a smooth removal. Once the old joint is out, inspect the driveshaft for any type of signs of damage or wear.

7. Mount the New U Joint

Prior to installing the new u joint, see to it to completely clean the driveshaft’s yoke and also bearing cups. Apply a charitable amount of grease to the bearing mugs to make sure smooth procedure. After that, straighten the new u joint with the driveshaft and insert it into the yoke. Make use of the u joint press to press the brand-new joint right into area.

8. Safeguard the Caps and Clips

As soon as the brand-new u joint remains in place, safeguard it by reinstalling the caps and clips. Make certain that the bearing mugs are properly seated in the yoke and that the clips are securely attached. This action is vital to stop the u joint from coming loose throughout operation.

9. Re-install the Driveshaft

With the brand-new u joint safely in position, it’s time to reattach the driveshaft. Line up the driveshaft with the transmission and rear differential, making certain that it matches the alignment you kept in mind previously. Secure any type of bolts or bolts to safeguard the driveshaft in position.

10. Reduced the Automobile as well as Examination

Once the driveshaft is re-installed, meticulously reduced the lorry from the jack stands. Eliminate the stands and lower the hydraulic jack up until the car is resting on the ground. Beginning the engine as well as take your lorry for an examination drive, paying very close attention to any vibrations or uncommon sounds. If every little thing feels and sounds regular, congratulations, you have successfully replaced the u joint!


Replacing u joints might seem like a challenging job, yet with the right tools and also a detailed method, it can be completed by any auto lover. By following this overview, you can ensure that your lorry’s drivetrain continues to be in outstanding condition and stay clear of more significant concerns later on. Bear in mind to prioritize security, take your time, and describe your vehicle’s guidebook for any particular directions or precautions.